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An IRS Tax Attorney Knows the IRS Workforce is Declining

Submitted by admin on Mon, 3/30/2015 - 4:19 am

Having trouble getting through to the IRS? It may be because their workforce is on the decline. Taxpayers may become increasingly frustrated as it has become incredibly difficult to speak to an actual human being about any kind of tax matter. Due to budget cuts, IRS personnel have been cut dramatically. IRS employees have only been able to answer fewer than 40 percent of the taxpayer phone calls. Many blame Congress for the budget cuts and insist than in order to provide quality customer service to people they must provide the IRS with the resources it needs to provide that.

Declining IRS Workforce Leaving Calls Unanswered, April 2015

A recent article from AccountingToday.com states:

“This year, IRS employees have been able to answer fewer than 40 percent of the taxpayer calls that the agency receives. Wait times are longer than ever before at Taxpayer Assistance Centers and getting longer. In a recent speech, IRS commissioner John Koskinen acknowledged that his agency is providing an “abysmal” level of taxpayer service this year and blamed budget cuts. Meanwhile, the number of taxpayers keeps growing. Seven million new filers will be added in a six-year period ending Sept. 30. The IRS processes about 150 million returns a year. Call volume is also on the rise; the IRS gets about 100 million calls annually.”

Another reason why this may be a problem is because the number of taxpayers is growing every year. Along with more taxpayers, more customer service is required. Because Congress cut the budget by 1.2 billion since 2011, the IRS harbors fewer and fewer employees. In addition to needing more customer service reps, the IRS also has to combat tax-related identity theft and other time consuming issues. An IRS tax attorney will know all to well the complications in dealing with the IRS. Taxpayers attempt to contact the IRS about a variety of reasons, from IRS wage garnishment to IRS tax liens. Those seeking assistance from the IRS are encouraged to visit the IRS website and attempt to find resolutions to issues themselves before making contact via the phone.

(Source: Declining IRS Workforce Leaving Calls Unanswered, April 2015)