Tax Tiger Franchise Opportunity


Do you want to own a business that helps people achieve peace of mind?

Do you believe that financial success and impeccable ethics go hand-in-hand?

Do you like having time on the weekend for your family?

Then a Tax Tiger franchise might be the perfect fit for you. At Tax Tiger, we love what we do! We help hundreds of people every year regain their peace of mind by resolving their IRS issues, but we feel limited in the number of people we can help because of our commitment to customer service and quality. We wanted the ability to help even more people so we decided to expand. Because we believe in sharing and caring for others, we found that franchising was the best method of expansion for us.

Some of the reasons for considering Tax Tiger

A proven business model – “Tax Tiger offers a proven business model flexible enough to accommodate many different levels of growth. You decide how big you want your operations, we’ll help you establish your office accordingly and use the proven systems we have developed.”

A growing demand for tax solutions – “Tax Tiger offers tax solutions that are in high demand due to the increasing complexity of IRS procedures and the growing number of taxpayers facing levies and liens. Our high ethics and long track record of results make us the best in the business.”

An opportunity “without borders” – “Tax Tiger offices are not constrained by geographic location or demographics. Why? Because beleaguered taxpayers are literally everywhere. If you live in an area that has yet to feel the Tiger’s bite, you might be a perfect candidate for a franchise.”

Recession proof – “Most businesses feel the effects of economic ups and downs. But as Benjamin Franklin reminds us, taxes are one of those certainties of life. There will always be taxes, which means, there will always be taxpayers who are facing overwhelming liabilities. Tax Tiger is a franchise that is immune to the whims of the economy.”

A business with a big heart – “Tax Tiger separates itself from the competition by offering a caring, compassionate approach to resolving clients tax dilemmas. We are experts in getting results, but we are also experts in navigating our clients through a difficult time and providing them with the peace of mind they seek.”

Working hard and playing hard – “We don’t believe any business should be 24/7. At Tax Tiger, we work very hard during the week, but we believe weekends should be devoted to family. Our business model was developed with this strong belief in mind.”

But mostly…

It’s about making a difference – “Tax Tiger is all about helping people. People who are frightened, worried, overwhelmed by their IRS problems. At the end of the day, we feel good about what we do, which is to give each client a fresh start. If you want to feel great about your new venture, then look no further than Tax Tiger.”

Our Vision

Founded by visionary Kathy Hill in 2002, Tax Tiger has taken resolving tax issues to a whole new level.  For Kathy, it isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about the people behind the numbers.  This client-oriented approach is transforming an industry that has previously been known for its cold-heartedness and ambivalence.  Under Kathy’s leadership, Tax Tiger seeks to:

“Embody care and interest in the welfare of our clients while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics and the greatest level of customer service.”

“Seek innovative and creative solutions for both the simple and the complex tax issue, while maintaining competitive fees.”

“Foster and maintain an enjoyable, enriching, and truly special work environment based on open communication, mutual respect, sense of humor, and a family-oriented philosophy, all of which are the hallmark of Tax Tiger.”

“Become one of the most sought-after providers of specialized tax services in the nation, while maintaining a profitable business enterprise with the highest reputation, thus ensuring career opportunities, sustained ongoing growth, and financial strength.”

“Give back to our communities by providing pro bono services to the disadvantaged.”

“Set ourselves apart from all others in our industry.”

A Proven Business Model

Tax Tiger’s business model is proven, and we have developed the systems to allow you to replicate our success.

Tax Tiger markets its services to taxpayers and small businesses who are facing IRS levies and liens.  Since our target market cuts across every demographic: age, income, gender, education, ethnicity; marketing our services is straightforward and uncomplicated.  Potential clients are everywhere and we know how to find them.

Tax Tiger’s sales approach is virtually “fool proof”, by offering a free financial analysis to prospects, the services all but sell themselves.  Who can afford not to resolve their tax issues?

The Tax Tiger methodology is thoroughly tested, documented, and supported by our Corporate staff.  Working with the IRS isn’t easy, but we have developed strategies that work.  We are not only systematic in our approach, but we know how to impart those skills.

We make sure that our franchise owners have a comprehensive understanding of our services, which include:

  • Suspension of levies and liens
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Installment Agreements
  • CNC Status
  • Preparation of back tax returns

Our caring, compassionate approach to this work ensures an impeccable reputation, and in this business, word-of-mouth and a spotless reputation are critical.

Our business is in a unique position of attracting qualified staff without exhaustive job searches.  The IRS will only work with Enrolled Agents, CPAs, or Tax Attorneys, and these are the very professionals who are most likely to be looking for part-time or supplemental work.  Tax Tiger is often the purrfect fit for the highly experienced tax professional.

The Tax Tiger proprietary software, along with our internal operating procedures, takes the guesswork out of opening a new business.

We are committed to providing top-notch support to our franchise owners. It may be a jungle out there, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Do you have the Tiger spirit

We are looking for the right people to join our pride. The ideal Tax Tiger franchise owner is:

  • People-oriented and committed to making a difference in this world
  • Enthusiastic about life
  • Assertive and confident enough to take on the IRS
  • On board with our company values and philosophy
  • Eager to earn his or her stripes!

Please Note:
You do NOT have to be an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Tax Attorney to be welcomed into our family. We are more concerned with finding the right person to open the next Tax Tiger office.

Industry Growth

The tax resolution industry has always been lucrative, but it is getting ready to take off.  The IRS has already began to come after individuals and companies that owe back taxes with a renewed vigor.  This means an increased number of potential new clients for us, and you! The tax act of 1998 created a “friendlier” IRS, with more emphasis on taxpayer rights and less on hard line collection tactics, however, now that the IRS has re-dedicated itself to enforced collections by way of congressional mandate, the IRS is ready to make up for lost time.

A few facts to look at:

  • The IRS has hired thousands of new employees, most of which are in collections and enforcement
  • The IRS has received massive budget increases to be spent on collection and enforcement actions
  • The IRS expects to contact 800,000 additional nonfilers and increase the number of automated collection actions
  • The new IRS Commissioner said that his #1 priority is to close the “tax gap” through increased enforcement
  • The IRS reports that over 6,000,000 taxpayers fail to file required income tax returns each year
  • Recent IRS figures have shown they have over 26.3 million active collection cases

This new, re-committed IRS, will be driving business to tax resolution companies like never before.


As a Tax Tiger franchise owner, you will receive unparalleled support in the start-up of your business, including:

  • Finding the ideal location and creating the ideal Tax Tiger atmosphere
  • Marketing your new venture effectively
  • Finding the best and brightest employees
  • Learning the Tax Tiger methodology and strategies through an in-depth training program at our Corporate offices in Sacramento, California
  • Learning how to pull it all together into a smooth, efficient operation

Then, once you are up and running, we at Tax Tiger Corporate will continue to support your efforts, making sure that you have the tools you need to be successful.

That is our promise: to help you earn your stripes.

Taking the Next Step

For information on becoming a Tax Tiger franchise owner, please review the process below:

  • Step 1: Complete our initial questionnaire
    This form will allow us to learn more about you and to have the contact information we need to call you.
  • Step 2: Receive a call from us
    Within 48 hours of receiving your contact information we will call you to set up a time when we can spend some time answering your questions and learning more about you. After this initial call we request that you complete a more detailed informational questionnaire called the Tax Tiger Request for Consideration.
  • Step 3: Complete Request for Consideration
    After our initial conversation, we ask you to complete and send to us a more detailed form that is 100% confidential in nature. We also will disclose important information to you via our Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • Step 4: Contact our Franchisees and Review FDD
    We ask that you take time to review our Franchise Disclosure Document which has important information about our franchise offering. Further, we invite you to call our franchisees to learn more about our opportunity from those who have already invested in it and are part of our team.
  • Step 5: Further telephonic discussions take place
    We will continue to learn more about you and answer your questions to decide whether our franchise suits your objectives and you meet our ideal franchisee profile. Following these discussions we may decide to invite you to visit our corporate offices in Sacramento, CA.
  • Step 6: Visit our offices
    During this visit you will be able to meet our senior management team and our staff and see how we operate the business. We will also be able to personally evaluate whether you make a good candidate for our franchise. If we both agree that we make a good team, we will award you a franchise.
  • Step 7: Sign franchise agreement and attend training
    Once we award a franchise to you, we will issue your franchise agreement and commence your training. We will assist you in setting up your offices and train you and a member of your staff to be able to operate your new business successfully.

Franchise Disclaimer

The materials on this website regarding the Tax Tiger franchise opportunity are for general information only and are not intended to be the offer of a franchise to anyone accessing this site. Offers and sales of a franchise are made only after the delivery of an effective Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in compliance with applicable federal and state law.

At this time the Tax Tiger franchises are not being offered to residents of the following states: Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

This communication is not directed to any person in the states listed above by or on behalf of the franchisor or anyone acting with the franchisor’s knowledge. No franchises can be offered or sold in the states listed above until the offering has been registered and declared effective by the appropriate regulatory authority and the Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the offeree before the sale within the applicable time frame.

This franchise is offered only by delivery of an effective Franchise Disclosure Document in compliance with applicable federal and state law.



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