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Sacramento Tax Attorney Found 5 Great Tax Refund Uses

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Tue, 4/19/2016 - 9:33 pm

Waiting on your tax refund to come in gives you time to think about how you would like to spend your exciting boost of money. While not all taxpayers receive a federal tax income, the Internal Revenue Service says that almost 80% of taxpayers get one. And on average they are $2,800! So if you are curious on what are the best ways to use your tax refund, here are a few ways that Sacramento tax attorney suggest doing.


  1. Make Your safety net

Saving your money is a good way to make sure you have an emergency fund in case something financially devastating was to happen. Maybe you lose your job, have to pay for a medical expense that your insurance doesn’t cover all the way, or something else could make an emergency fund rather useful. Tax attorney in Sacramento, Tax Tiger, says just take a second to think about your emergency fund before spending the money impulsively.


  1. Do have the right kind of insurance?

When it comes to insurance, many of us like to get the bare minimum of what we need. But a tax refund can truly help with tax premiums to get you the right kind for you and your family’s safety. Talk to an insurance agent to see if there may be something better out there for your lifestyle.


  1. Be prepared for retirement savings

Your tax refund could play a big role in your retirement account. If you don’t have one, this could be a great way to get one started. If you already do have one, adding to it is never a bad thing.


  1. High-interest dues should be eliminated

Anything you make payments on that is high-interest, you should be using your refund to pay off. Reducing money owed allows for more money to be saved in the long run.


  1. Pay for college tax-free

While your tax refund is most likely not going to pay off the amount it is to go to college, it is definitely a start. In fact, many guardians can put the money away for their child’s future education in a 529 savings plan. These savings grow and are tax-free.


Tax Lawyer in Sacramento, Tax Tiger, is aware that receiving a huge chunk of cash can be exciting. You may even want to spend it all immediately. But before you decide, think about what this money could do for your future and your family before spending it too quickly.