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Events Do Impact Your Taxes Says Sacramento Tax Attorney

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Fri, 1/22/2016 - 9:43 pm

New year, new taxes

It’s officially the New Year and a lot may have changed from just one year ago. All of these big changes matter when it comes to your taxes so making sure they are done right is extremely important. A few tax altering situations could be:

New year's eve fireworks 2016

  • You got married or divorced – Both will impact your taxes and will cause extra work, unfortunately.
  • You had a baby or adopted – Because you are now adding a new person to your family you are going to need to claim a dependent, which most likely will give you additional tax benefits.
  • You or your spouse got a job or changed a job – Anytime there is a change in income, your taxes need to be fixed in order to change your allowances.
  • You were unemployed for a good amount of the year – For any reason you didn’t have a job this past year, you are going to need to make sure your taxes are filled out correctly in order to avoid paying unnecessary dues.

These are a few situations that may have you re-evaluating your taxes. Whatever the case is, it is important to accurately fill out your tax return with the new changes so as to not have issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Looking into hiring professional services such as Tax Tiger, a Sacramento tax attorney, could make your life much easier. Without professional help you risk doing your taxes incorrectly and possibly having to pay the IRS due to invalid deductions.


Don’t risk it

There may even be a chance that you don’t owe this year and are actually entitled to a nice tax return. Without having a knowledge of taxes and keeping up with all of the of the new tax laws, it’s not difficult to slip up during the process. A tax attorney in Sacramento has specifically been educated on learning the tax laws and avidly keeps track of the new ones. Instead of taking the chance on your taxes, wouldn’t you just like to just sit back and not have to worry about these tedious issues? Contact tax lawyer in Sacramento, Tax Tiger today to get the assistance you need on your taxes.