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Denver Tax Attorney Tells 2016’s Craziest Tax Deductions

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Fri, 1/22/2016 - 10:15 pm

It’s only a couple weeks into the new year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start working on your tax return. That includes gathering all your receipts, personal information, and more together in order to see if you owe the Internal Revenue Service or if you are actually getting a refund. Doing your taxes on your own is a daunting task unless you are educated in tax law like a Denver tax attorney. Without the proper knowledge, you could make a mistake, which is not at all good on your taxes.

Just recently The Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants said that it’s extremely common for people to deduct things that are just not supposed to be deducted. Having assistance from a Denver tax lawyer to help with your taxes could prevent you having to pay a penalty and owe the IRS.

Here are a few tax deductions that people have tried deducting from their taxes and failed:


  1. Expensive clothing

We know you need nice work clothing, but there are plenty of places to buy nice clothing without being too expensive.


  1. A grand piano

This doesn’t work unless you provide lessons as a part of your business otherwise no – you cannot deduct that.


  1. Gambling donations

It’s not really donating when you are losing money at a casino. Don’t misinterpret spending your money to gamble as a form of charity.


  1. Smelly feet foot powder

Just because your feet smell at work and you have to buy foot powder doesn’t mean you can use that as a tax write-off. Sorry.


  1. Your massive boat

Just no. Even if occasionally you use this boat to entertain clients – it doesn’t work like that.


  1. Amusement parks

Unfortunately you can’t just go to an amusement park and expect the IRS to act like that is a suitable day care situation.


  1. Animals

Even though they are so cute and keep the mice away – you can’t write-off their food, kitty litter, and other necessities.


  1. Business…wedding

Although your wedding was expensive, don’t expect a refund because most of your guests were coworkers, clients, and other business relationships.


  1. Personal spa days

Wouldn’t that be great? Getting paid to get our nails done? But no – tax deductions do not include such things.


  1. Driving to and from work

Unless you are on the clock and in a meeting while driving to work, you don’t get that mileage reimbursement.

As you can see – there are a lot of things you may think are deductible that are really just not allowed. A tax attorney in Denver such as Tax Tiger is a tax resolution service that goes beyond helping with your tax return. If there is ever a tax issue that comes up after your return is done, Tax Tiger can help you resolve it with the IRS. Don’t put yourself in such a stressful situation when you could let a professional do the hard part for you.