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Tax Book for Teens Recommended By San Diego Tax Lawyer

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Tue, 12/22/2015 - 7:16 pm

One of the many responsibilities of becoming an adult is sitting down and taking the time to do your taxes. But can you remember the first time you ever did your taxes? Take a second to remember how you learned. Did someone teach you how? Did you figure it out on your own? Most people start filing their taxes when they are teenagers because that is the general age of when people tend to get their first job. But it’s so strange that almost every U.S. citizen is required to do taxes but no one is really taught what to do. So now, tax resolution services in San Diego have found a new tool that could help those out wanting to learn more about taxes. Tax-ish: Teens 1.0, is a new guide for teens to learn how to file their taxes.woman student reading and studying book


Get it on the Kindle!

Now on Amazon, a book about filing taxes has been made for the younger generation in hopes that they will use it when doing their own taxes. The book explains the basics of taxes in precise detail. Each chapter is titled as if it were a class from high school such as English, Math, Science History, and so on. Each chapter relates to taxes in a clear way and on topic to their relation. Tax-ish takes out the complicated parts of taxes and gets down to the core fundamentals as to make the learning process straightforward.

The best part about Tax-ish: Teens 1.0 is that you don’t have to actually be a teen. The book may say teens on it but really if you need some basic help on taxes, this book would be great for you to use and get down to the essentials of filing taxes.


Professionals will do it correctly

Tax Tiger, a tax lawyer in San Diego, believes that everyone should have knowledge in taxes. But if you want your taxes done professionally and correctly – hiring a professional is a great idea. Although, if you seem to have concerns arise with your taxes after filing, contact a San Diego tax lawyer so that you can get the help you need done efficiently.