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Minneapolis Tax Attorney Explains New Highway Bill Passed

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Tue, 12/22/2015 - 9:12 pm

Teamed up

Earlier this month President Barack Obama signed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act that will team up the Internal Revenue Service with private dues collection agencies in hopes of receiving payments to past due tax bills and thus helping improve the United State’s economy. Nacsonline.com says the bill itself aims to ”Improve the nation’s infrastructure by providing fiscal certainty to state and local governments, streamlining the environmental review and permitting processes, and improving truck and bus safety.”Road heading toward a dollar sign


This works

The last time something similar to this occurred was in 2006 and it was ultimately a success. A study had found that 96 percent more customers were even satisfied with the collection agencies. Although together the IRS and the collection agencies had brought in revenue of $98 million, Congress stopped it in 2009 because they felt that it was losing money opposed to gaining enough. In 2010, a report found that information to be flawed due to the unclear studies conducted around it. Now they are back to try this system out once again.


Bringing it back

It is now a part of the law that the IRS work with the private collection agencies again to seek out payment for consumer dues and liabilities which has basically been racked up due to lack of time and resources. But with the two now being forced to work together they have the opportunity to recover more than $300 billion in consumer taxes!


Unable to pay?

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With this new installment, there have been high hopes that this will affect the economy positively. This may be one way to help the United State’s economical health, but if you are being forced to pay, you don’t need to or cannot afford, contact an IRS tax attorney in Minneapolis and find out what your options are to solving your tax dilemma today.