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IRS Tax Liens Can Happen When You Aren’t Careful

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 6:28 pm

Can we compare to Superman?

Getting started on your own taxes feels a lot like you are Superman being brought down by your arch nemesis – Lex Luther. But finishing up your taxes and officially filing them – Well, that feels a lot like bringing Luther down and saving the World. Ok, maybe it’s not that great, but filing your own taxes does feel like a pretty big accomplishment. In fact, it’s so big, people actually pay professionals to take care of their taxes for them. Seems like a rip off, right?Strong Superhero Businessman TAX Concepts



Getting professional tax service help is smart. Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is, in a way, a completely new enemy – Kryptonite. Just when you feel like you filed your taxes correctly, you get a notice saying you owe money or will be forced to deal with an IRS tax lien. In 2004, about 2.5 million levies were filed by the IRS due to mistakes made from individual people filing their taxes. If there is a way to prevent this from happening, hiring a tax professional in order to avoid IRS tax liens is one great way.


Watch those exemptions

One simple mistake that could be avoided is the act of filing way to many exemptions. People tend to get “exemption” happy and go over their limit. Be sure to stick to the rulebook on this one.


Self-employed problems

Another way you may get in trouble with the IRS is by not paying enough on your taxes when you are self-employed. Being self-employed and filing your own taxes is full of complicated twists and turns and is highly recommended if you get professional help on your taxes.


Conquer your weakness

Even the most diligent and intelligent of people can slip up on their taxes if they have not been professionally trained to file taxes. At Tax Tiger, you can find the help you need before you file or if you are having problems with the IRS. Because tax liens are public record, Tax Tiger can assist you with IRS tax lien search to see if you have one. Finding relief with tax issues is important. Don’t let the IRS be your kryptonite – get tax relief now.