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IRS Lawyers Warn About Telephone Scam

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 12:25 am

Be careful taxpayers

IRS Lawyers are warning all taxpayers of a telephone scam making it’s way around the United States. This scam specifically targets all taxpayers – especially immigrants. Don’t let your guard down when receiving a call like this.

The scam goes on to say that you owe money to the IRS. You may be thinking, “I don’t owe any money.” If this is the case, don’t let them push you. When they try to get money out of you, they will give you the options of paying through a pre-loaded debit card or doing a wire transfer. By the end of their spiel, don’t be surprised if they start threatening you. These threats are not limited to arrest, deportation, and suspension of business or driver’s license. Because these are scams and not a professional company trying to collect, there is a chance their voice may become hostile.Scam caller concept.

Beware of…

Some of the more commonalities of the scam are that:

  • Fake names are generally used – especially ones with common names.
  • Caller ID may show IRS as caller
  • The person threatening you may hang up and then have someone else call you saying to be a local policeman or part of the DMV.

If any of the above were to happen to you, there is no need to fret! Simply get off the phone, take a deep breathe, and call the IRS – The number is 800-829-1040. Once you get on the phone with someone from the IRS, they can confirm if there is an actual issue that you need to face or if the last phone call you had was all a scam.

Resolve your tax situation

Dealing with IRS issues can be a pain. If you are being harassed or having trouble with the IRS or being threatened by a creditor, contact IRS tax lawyers to help you out. Tax Tiger, a tax resolution company, can help resolve your tax issues if you do owe money to the IRS. Stop the obnoxious phone calls, save money, and get tax relief now all by contacting an IRS tax lawyer.