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Avoid IRS Wage Garnishment and File Innocent Spouse Relief

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 6:42 pm

Filing for two

Filing taxes jointly is a whole new ballgame from filing single. Knowing when to file by yourself opposed to with your spouse in entirely up to you – but sometimes there is a financially better way.Couple sorting receipts

Signing a joint income tax return is a big commitment to make because you are now liable not only for yourself but also for any and all of your spouses dues as well. And if they make a simple mistake – you will now be affected by it. This is one easy way IRS wage garnishments occur – from tiny-overlooked mistakes. While it doesn’t always happen, it is good idea to get help from professional tax services if you are not entirely sure about you and your spouse’s taxes. But if you don’t mind taking the chances and you or your spouse bring up errors – you may be qualified to file for Innocent Spouse Relief.


Proving your innocence

Finding out if you are eligible for Innocent Spouse Relief isn’t the quickest of processes. The IRS conducts a review of you and your spouse, which includes a look at:

  • Work experience
  • Physical/mental disabilities
  • Relationship status
  • Involvement in household finances

Basically the IRS is going to need more than you just weren’t sure what you signed or that your spouse lied on their taxes. In order to qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, you must meet all three of these conditions:

  1. All the incorrect marks were at the fault of your spouse
  2. You were unaware of any errors
  3. You shouldn’t be held responsible because it wouldn’t be fair


Don’t wait for an IRS wage garnishment

If this happens to you and you believe that you fit the criteria of the wronged spouse, you may want to file for Innocent Spouse Relief. File the form 8857 as soon as this event occurs so as to solve the problem quickly. Tax Tiger, a tax relief company provides services for lowering tax dues, compromising with the IRS, stopping levies and providing IRS wage garnishment help, and so much more. If your Innocent Spouse Relief doesn’t work, don’t give up! Tax Tiger can still take on your case and serve you today.