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Common Mistakes Denver Tax Attorney Says to Avoid

Submitted by Tax Tiger on Fri, 10/2/2015 - 6:48 pm

No one means to make a mistake when completing their tax return – but that doesn’t mean mistakes don’t happen. No matter how much you try, the chances of you making a mistake are high. It’s not your fault of course – you don’t specialize in IRS tax preparation. With the help from someone who does, such as a Denver tax attorney, those mistakes will cease to exist on your tax return.

In order to prevent some innocent yet detrimental mistakes, take a look at some common mishaps below.Confused woman counting her tax

1. Is that really our social security number?

You would be surprised how many people put their social security number incorrectly on their tax return. The IRS may believe you are committing identity theft so look this one over a few times just to make sure.

This also applies to correctly inserting your name, routing number, address, and basically everything. The IRS is not a lenient bunch; they need everything written correctly or there will be a delay in sending out your refund.

2. Math confusion

Even if you are a mathematician, your addition and subtraction could be off. It’s time consuming and not very interesting – but it’s important. Slow down and use a calculator if needed. Checking your work a couple times never hurts either.

3. Oops – wrong form

Speaking of forms, make sure you are writing on the correct one. Who knows – you may be filling out the wrong one. It’s not as uncommon as you’d think.

4. PLEASE sign here

Make sure to sign and date everything. If the IRS receives paperwork with even one missing signature – you won’t receive your refund when expected. Make sure that you and your spouse both sign otherwise the IRS will consider it invalid.

You can save yourself a lot of blood, sweat, and tears just by hiring a tax attorney in Denver to help you with your tax forms. Just because your tax return looks perfect, it’s still likely you could have made a couple slip-ups that would cause an audit. Cut out all possibilities of messing up on your tax returns and play it safe with a Denver tax lawyer.