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Despite the IRS budget cuts, keep up with IRS wage garnishments!!

Submitted by admin on Mon, 6/29/2015 - 10:16 am

A few studies have recently surfaced that between 2010 and 2015 the IRS has faced budget cuts that have topped 18 percent, falling to a budget of 10.9 billion, which is 1.2 billion less than the year prior. The consequences of these cuts have drastically reduced its workforce and caused them to scale back employee training, as well as putting off moving forward with much-needed upgrades to information technology systems. The number of staff that is dedicated to enforcing tax laws has also dropped nearly 20 percent since the budget began to decrease in 2010.

National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson stated, “Faced with a declining budget, the IRS training and education programs have been reduced to bare minimums without consideration for the type of training employees need to perform basic job functions, protect taxpayer rights, and prevent harm and undue burden for taxpayers.” She adds, “I do not see any substitute for sufficient personnel if the IRS is to provide high-quality taxpayer service.

Despite the fact that this may come off as good news to the average IRS adversary, the true affects may not be so positive for the average taxpayer; especially the one that has been putting off filing their taxes. Avoiding paying taxes never ends well. Assuming that the IRS won’t eventually come for the money is not a safe assumption. In that same logic, for those that are on time and square with the IRS, they may run into prolonged wait time to receive tax returns if the budget continues to shrink. On top of that the IRS estimates that the average wait on the practitioner “priority” hotline, which tax preparers call for help with their clients, will be 52 minutes this filing season.

Getting in touch with tax professional like Tax Tiger is a great resource to reach out to if you’re currently involved with any sort of IRS wage garnishments. Having a third party company involved will help you stay better informed if the IRS changes any policies or regulations.  The professionals at Tax Tiger lead the industry in IRS wage garnishment help and a myriad of other tax related issues.

Source: IRS Funding Cuts Continue to Compromise Taxpayer Service and Weaken Enforcement