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A trusted Denver tax attorney could help you avoid problems with the IRS

Submitted by admin on Thu, 5/21/2015 - 9:09 am

Next to being personally robbed or burglarized, having your identity stolen is one of the most invasive financial attacks out there. Unlike a home break-in, identity theft is a lot harder to follow up with. There are no fingerprints to dust for or eyewitness accounts. It’s all done in a realm that seems somewhat intangible, which in turn feels a bit more helpless than otherwise.

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There are some built in protections provided by banks and other sources, but noting is 100 percent. As the comedian Jay London once said, “I don’t need to worry about identity theft because no one wants to be me.” Well sorry to say, as funny as that is, it’s just not true. Maybe they don’t want to be you, but they want your money.

The fact is, is that every three seconds there is a new victim of identity fraud. Seven percent of U.S residents age 16 or older have been victims of identity theft and 12.6 million people were victimized in 2012. Repairing the damage done by online predators can take years to reconcile.

Since 2012 losses have totaled almost 25 billion (BILLION) dollars! That’s an average fleecing of $1500 per victim. I don’t know about you, but most folks don’t have a cool $1500 just sitting there. Aside from the initial damage of actual missing cash or credit, the residual damages are innumerable. With the lost time and work due to the legwork to contain and repair the damages, the issue ends up costing way more than you’d expect. These issues can affect everything from your day-to-day budget to problems with the IRS, which will then lead to having to find a Denver tax attorney.

Here’s a few ways to help you protect yourself from identity theft.

  1. Check your credit score often to make sure of any sudden drops.
  2. Watch your back accounts and credit cards
  3. Check your free credit reports.

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