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IRS Lawyers Can Help With Your Taxes After Identity Theft

Submitted by admin on Thu, 3/26/2015 - 3:38 am

Nearly 15 million people in the United States are victims of identity theft each year, with losses totaling upwards of 50 billion dollars. Nearly 7 percent of all adults will have their identities misused in some way, with each instance resulting in an average of 3,500 dollars in losses. Identity theft cannot only be financially debilitating, it can be emotionally trying for the victim. The process of dealing with creditors, banks and the IRS can be incredibly taxing on one’s well being. In some cases, bringing in help such as a local Denver tax lawyer or other specialty IRS lawyers is the best way to get back your money- and your sanity.Identity Theft Victims Waiting Long for Tax Refunds, 2015

The IRS can be one of the most difficult establishments to deal with, and it can be especially trying after identity theft has occurred.  The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration recently did a report which found that, on average, it takes the IRS about 278 days to resolve tax accounts that have been involved with identity theft. An article from AccountToday.com states:

“The report follows up on a 2013 TIGTA report that concluded the IRS was not providing quality customer service to identity theft victims. TIGTA’s latest review found that the IRS continues to make errors when resolving the tax accounts of victims of identity theft. Based on the results of TIGTA’s sample of 100 identity theft tax accounts resolved during FY 2013, TIGTA estimated that of the 267,692 taxpayers whose accounts were resolved, 25,565 (or a little less than 10 percent) may have been incorrectly resolved, resulting in the delay of refunds or the victim receiving an incorrect refund amount.”

Although there have been improvements over the last few years, the amount of it takes to get a return back after identity theft is tedious. Finding a local Denver tax attorney or another tax professional might be a good idea after identity theft has occurred. An attorney, despite having a vast amount of knowledge in all financial areas, can take over some of the legwork in dealing with the IRS. Just enlisting help can allow victims to de-stress and count on a professional for relief.

(Source: Identity Theft Victims Waiting Long for Tax Refunds, 2015)