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You’re Not Alone: IRS Tax Lawyers Can Help You Manage the Stress of Tax Liabilities

Submitted by admin on Tue, 3/24/2015 - 3:27 pm

Those who owe a severe amount of past due taxes may also be dealing with severe stress. The thought of losing assets, savings, even a home can be all consuming. The implications of severe stress can often extend into other areas of your health, which is why it’s important to handle your stress during highly emotional times. Tax stress is not uncommon, and it occurs especially with tax liabilities, as the implications of unpaid taxes can be severe. Some people may even be facing jail time, which can be extremely stressful for everyone involved. There are many ways to combat this tax stress, but perhaps your best option may be simply hiring a tax attorney in Denver, or wherever you may be, to help with the entire process.

Before making any brash decision, it’s important to understand how your body reacts to stress as a while. A recent USNews.com spoke with psychologist Nadja Reilly states:

“Typically, Reilly recommends people who are experiencing constant or severe stress speak to a doctor or see a psychiatrist, but when the cause of stress is financial, that may not always be possible. So how do you deal with the stress? Start by figuring out how stress affects you. ‘Not everyone responds to stress in the same way,’ she says. ‘For some people, stress manifests as headaches or stomach problem distress, while others get fatigued.’ Once you understand how you react to stress, you can recognize when your body is starting to succumb to it, Reilly says, and you can take steps to mitigate it. ‘Start using active coping skills,’ she says. ‘Don’t binge eat or become withdrawn. Write things down to clear your mind, plan ahead as much as you can, exercise and, most importantly, sleep well.’”

The good news is that IRS tax lawyers can actually help you manage your stress by taking a lot of the work off of your hands. Having to deal with the stress of paperwork and figuring out what everything means can only contribute to your unhealthy emotional state. IRS tax lawyers will know everything, from how to do an IRS tax lien search, to how to submit paperwork for a wage garnishment appeal, to the easiest way to get a hold of someone from the IRS. These are all things that you might want to avoid when you’re experiencing stress, which is why hiring help is the first step in reducing financial stress.


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