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IRS Tax Attorneys Will Know the Do’s and Don’ts of IRS Communication

Submitted by admin on Fri, 3/20/2015 - 11:54 am

Dealing with IRS can be incredibly stressful and often difficult. There are many ways to get a hold of the IRS, but all of them can be filled with long wait times, and references to other departments. IRS tax attorneys can help taxpayers, or those with outstanding tax liabilities, with the logistics of their tax problem, by relaying that information to the proper people. Many people have had trouble getting a hold of the IRS, or speaking to the proper department. There are a few tips to remember when attempting to contact the IRS.

Search the Website for Information First

Your best bet to getting questions with the IRS answered in a timely manner is to check their website. The IRS.gov website offers a wealth of information, frequently asked questions, downloadable documents, locations and more. There is more than just general information offered on this website, though it often takes some searching to find what you are looking for. While sometimes it is easier to simply call and talk to a human being about matters, the IRS doesn’t always make this easy. Calling the IRS will usually offer a slew of automated recordings and redirection, which is why it’s sometimes better to search the website before taking the new step for contact.

Be Persistent and Follow Up

If you’re unable to get a hold of someone who can answer your questions initially, be persistent about getting through to someone. Since there are often long hold times, once you get someone on the phone it’s essential to try and get all of your questions answered in one call. If the person you are speaking to is unable to help, ask to speak with a supervisor or another agent that is able to help you. Often, the IRS will take down your number and promise a follow up call. If you do not receive a call back in the designated amount of time, follow up. Due to the high volume of calls the IRS receives, being persistent is a must if you want to resolve specific issues.

Visit the IRS Offices

If you’re not having any luck with the website or phone call, dropping into the office is your best bet to get some answers. Find the nearest IRS location and drop into the office. There may be a long wait in order to see a representative, it’s maybe a good idea to bring a book and be prepared. Visiting someone face-to-face is sometimes the best way to get true and accurate answers.

If you do not want to deal with the IRS on your own, and the communication proves too difficult, hiring a San Diego tax lawyer may be the best option. Being involved with a tax resolution company or a tax lawyer in San Diego can give you the ease of access to the IRS. Either way, be pro-active with the IRS and do not give up until all issues are resolved.


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