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Three Things Any IRS Lawyer Will Tell You After Being Contacted by the IRS

Submitted by admin on Tue, 3/17/2015 - 10:21 am

Now more than ever, with a less than thriving economy, taxpayers are finding themselves in financial discomfort. Even those who pay their bills on time and own homes may come across tax problems that can confuse and worry them. After being contacted by the IRS, it’s important to follow the proper steps for responding. You must first understand the issue itself before taking further steps. Before seeking outside help, be informed on the proper way to respond.

Read Everything Carefully

Before making any decisions about the next step, it’s important to read all of the documents carefully. Be aware of everything that is stated, and make sure you understand fully what is happening. Reading all of the documents thoroughly is the very first step. Even if outside help is brought in, having a distinct understanding and reading it all, no matter how length, is important to the process.

Make Copies and Keep Records

Making your own copies of all of the documents is an essential step. Even if there is a paper trail kept by the IRS, it’s important as a taxpayer to make sure you are keeping proper track of all the documents on your own. Make time to make yourself copies, or scan them and keep them on a computer for review. Dealing with the IRS can be work, and it’s important to remain as thorough and organized as they are.

Identify Errors

In many cases, those being audited may disagree with why it is happening. After reading the documents, try to identify any errors that might be present. All of the information should be correct from addresses to dates. Highlight and keep track of anything that you think could be misinformation or something that is not accurate. Errors can benefit your case later, and it’s important to know that everything stated is truthful. Highlighting and pointing out errors is part of the process.

After proper steps are taken, you must decide if an IRS tax attorney should be brought in.  A trained IRS lawyer can help assess the severity of the matter. Hiring a local San Diego tax attorney or contacting a company that can help is the first step in getting back on the road towards IRS relief and freedom.


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