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Tips to Select a Tax Relief Firm

Submitted by admin on Wed, 7/30/2014 - 8:16 pm

How to Select a Tax Relief Company That’s Right For You

Selecting the right tax resolution partner is an extremely important decision that should never be taken lightly. Unfortunately, the list of companies who take people’s money and perform no real service is growing rapidly. We regularly hear horror stories about people who pay thousands of dollars to a “tax relief company” but receive no resolution to their tax issue, and some tax resolution companies attempt to entice new clients by hiring big name “endorsers.” Many of these same companies have class action lawsuits, have been forced to stop doing business in certain states, and have the attention of many State Attorney Generals. Tax Tiger is different. We let our performance, our “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and our customers speak on our behalf. We hope the following tips will help you select the right tax resolution firm to represent you in your time of need.

How can I be sure I am selecting the right tax resolution company? I’m looking for a reputable, ethical company with a strong track record of positive results for their clients.

Tip 1. Check each tax relief company’s record with the Better Business Bureau

Tip 2. Ask each company how many complaints they have had with the Better Business Bureau or other reporting agencies. You should be able to tell a great deal from how straightforward they are with their answers.

Tip 3. Check each company’s record with the state attorney general in the state where you live., and the state where they operate. Did you know that some tax relief companies have had so many complaints that they are banned from working in certain states due to their poor track record!

Tip 4. Ask if there are any states in which they are not permitted to conduct business. If you discover they are not permitted to operate in a particular state, be sure to ask pointed questions about why.

Tip 5. Ask when their company was formed? (You may not want to select a company that was formed in the last few months or years since there are more experienced firms available for you to work with.)

Tip 6. Ask how many years each company has been in tax the resolution business? (While the company may have been around 20 years, they may have only recently began working in the tax resolution area. You probably don’t want to work with a new company. They may not have adequate experience and you don’t want them to go to school on your money.)

Tip 7. Ask what percentage of their business is helping people and companies with tax problems? (Is tax resolution assistance a side line to them, or is this their primary business?)

Tip 8. Ask how many clients they have helped? (Tax problems are very complicated, and each individual situation has its own unique details that require specialized experience and knowledge to achieve the best possible resolution. For this reason you will want to select a company that has helped thousands of individuals and companies over the course of many years.)

Tip 9. Ask them to tell you their client satisfaction number. This number can be calculated based on the number of total clients they have had versus the number of complaints they have received.

Tip 10. Ask about the experience of the people who will actually work on your case. (Some companies attempt to impress you with the credentials of their founder or senior partners. But how likely is it that these individuals will actually work on your specific case? Be sure to ask how much experience the people who will work on your case actually have in the tax resolution field. You don’t want to trust your money and your future to a junior individual who is still learning the ropes of the tax representation field.)

Tip 11. Ask each company to tell you the average time it will take for you to get a return call if you need to speak to someone after you sign up for their service, as well as the accessibility of your case worker.

Tip 12. Be sure to ask a lot of questions about the quality of their customer service. (This is very important. One of the mega-firms in our industry trumpets the fact that they have signed up 250,000 clients. Unfortunately, they are so big that their customers regularly complain they cannot easily speak with anyone to obtain answers or updates once they sign up for the service. As illustrated by the 50 sample testimonials listed in our website, Tax Tiger takes great pride in providing unparalleled customer service. Customer service excellence is what you deserve…. and, what you should expect from a tax resolution company!)