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Sequestration Threatens IRS Jobs and Taxpayer Services

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2/21/2013 - 12:00 am

Across the board federal spending cuts, known as sequestration, are about to take effect on March 1st if Congress fails to reach a new deal, and the impact on the IRS and various taxpayer services will certainly be felt at a very sensitive time during this tax filing season.

The Treasury Department would have no choice but to drastically cut back on its workforce and financial assistance programs for taxpayers. It would more than likely result in many employee furloughs, impede the access of millions of taxpayers to assistance at call centers, delay IRS responses to taxpayer inquiries and expose many taxpayers to fraud.

It would also decrease the IRS’s ability to take enforcement measures against noncompliant taxpayers and lower the amount of revenue that the IRS could generate from taxes.