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American Tax Relief Sued by FTC

Submitted by admin on Wed, 9/29/2010 - 12:00 am

American Tax Relief has been sued by the FTC for allegedly engaging in deceptive practices. Their website has been taken down and the following is posted on their homepage, and their phones are not being answered: The Federal Trade Commission...


IRS Files $350K Tax Lien Against Designer Vera Wang

Submitted by admin on Wed, 9/22/2010 - 12:00 am

The IRS filed a tax lien against fashion designer and icon Vera Wang on August 13th, 2010, for the amount of $349,781.38, according to records filed with the New York City’s Department of Finance. Apparently, Mrs. Wang, married to successful...


President’s Economic Advisory Board Report on Tax Reform

Submitted by admin on Thu, 9/16/2010 - 12:00 am

The President’s Economic Advisory Board released its report on Tax Reform last month, and it’s a big read at 130 pages, but the overall summation seems a bit contradictory to what the President is saying, or maybe what he is...