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Get IRS Tax Relief and Resolve Your Tax Problem!

Submitted by admin on Tue, 6/8/2010 - 12:00 am

IRS tax relief may be available for an individual or business with tax liability based upon your current situation. If you owe individual back taxes, the IRS can coerce you into paying more than you may actually owe without providing you various options for tax relief.

You may not realize that the IRS can collect taxes owed by your business from you personally. payroll taxes must be paid quarterly by businesses. Failure to pay or file this tax can result in aggressive collection efforts by the IRS. If the IRS cannot collect the taxes from the business, they can collect from the owner or others. Relief is available even for advanced cases of IRS taxes owed. Click Here For Tax Relief Services

When incorporated companies and partnerships have payroll tax dues, the IRS will look to the person responsible for the tax money. The legal definition of “responsible person” is complex, and refers to the person or people who should have collected the payroll taxes. The responsible person can include corporate officers, employees, and even shareholders.

Tax Relief Solutions from Tax Tiger
The earlier that you seek relief from individual or business payroll tax dues, the more likely it is that you can seek a beneficial resolution or avoid personal responsibility for the dues and liabilities of your business. Installment payments of your tax can be successfully resolved with the IRS, or if you qualify, an offer in compromise can be had. We have successfully worked Installment Agreements and Offer in Compromise resolutions for individuals and companies.

At Tax Tiger, we can evaluate your situation in a free confidential consultation. Our experienced tax attorneys and representatives are adept at evaluating each unique situation and proposing solutions for tax relief that are suited to your needs.

With nearly 50 years of IRS experience between them, our tax lawyers, CPA’s, and Enrolled Agents, can answer any questions you may have about the right tax relief for you or your company. Give Tax Tiger a call today to schedule a FREE consultation!