Tax Tiger CEO Featured on Moms & Money Summit

Hannah Keeley Ministries will be hosting the very first Mom's & Money Summit this week on December 6th & 7th.  Hannah will be featuring Author and CEO, Kathy Hill, and discussing her new book, Is God's Hand on Your Business?.  Hannah's Mom's & Money Summit will be discussing the struggles and stress that money and finances bring, and how to put a plan in place that will include peace, prosperity, and abundance.

IRS Shutdown Creates New Scams

The recent government shutdown has impacted the Internal Revenue Service and all taxpayers attempting to contact them as well.  In light of the recent shutdown, IRS collections continues to operate in an automated fashion, generating wage garnishments and bank levies for past due tax liabilities.  What is not happening though is the ability for taxpayers, or their representatives, to resolve any of these issues with a live body within the IRS, leaving the taxpayer and their rights impacted.  Even worse now, unscrupulous individuals and/or organizations are taking advantage of this by marke

IRS Budget Cuts Proposed by Republicans

Republican lawmakers have proposed cutting the budget of the Internal Revenue Service by upwards of 24%, and removing bonuses and video productions considered by most as excessive and an unnecessary use of government funds.  The House Republican proposal introduced yesterday in Congress, would create new restrictions on the IRS which would withhold 10 percent of the agency’s enforcement budget until the IRS inspector general confirms that it has implemented all of the recommendations made in a prior report on the agency’s scrutiny of small-government groups, which has made big headlines in

IRS Exposes Tens of Thousands of SSNs

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Treasury Inspector General (TIGTA) were notified by Carl Malamud, founder of Public.Resource.Org, that the SSN's of tens of thousands of individuals through the posting of a database containing the filings of Section 527 political organizations, such as campaign committees.

IRS Employee Charged with Embezzlement

An IRS employee was charged with the embezzlement of government funds after going on a shopping spree on Amazon using government issued credit cards.  The employee had worked for the IRS since 2000, and began making these purchases between 2009 and 2013 according to the criminal complaint filed.  A routine audit by the Treasury Inspector General last December uncovered some of these purchases, prompting them to look back further and uncover the rest.  I wonder if this employee is going to report the funds used for these redirected purchases for personal use on her 1040 as income as require

Former IRS Commissioner Regrets Targeting Tea Party Groups

Former IRS commissioner, Douglas Shulman, spoke publicly before the Senate Banking Committee regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups applications for non-profit status last week, and stated that he was “dismayed” and “saddened” to learn that IRS employees had singled out small-government groups for tougher scrutiny.  “The IRS must administer, and it must be perceived to administer, our tax laws fairly and impartially,” said Shulman, who was appointed by President George W. Bush and resigned from the IRS in November 2012.

Is Tax Help Just a Mirage?

In this day and age, many people wonder if the IRS is really as forgiving as they are portrayed in the late night advertising you see.  The short answer is yes, but you MUST have qualified representatives on your side, who know what your rights are, and how the programs within the IRS work.  Not all individuals will qualify for certain programs, so it is crucial that an indepth analysis of your specific situation is examined, typically free of charge with most companies.  It is also just as imperative that you work with a credible company with a track record of success and a stellar Better

Sacramento County Settles IRS Debt With Offer in Compromise

Sacramento County in CA, owed the Federal Government upwards of $18 million dollars in back taxes regarding payroll liabilities.  This debt was incurred by a New Jersey payroll processor, Ingentra, whose services were utilized through the outsourcing of payroll processing for dozens of CA special districts in an effort to save money.  Two executives at Ingentra have admitted to fraudulently taking payroll deductions from Sacramento County and a few other private companies, and using these funds for expenses of Ingentra.

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness - The Final Year

The 2012 tax year is the final year of the Mortgage Debt Relief Forgiveness Act on the foreclosures and short sales of homes and the exclusion of the debt forgiven from being treated as income to the taxpayer.  If your lender cancelled or had forgiven your mortgage debt, you generally would be required to pay tax on that amount being treated as income.  2012 is the final year in which you can exclude the tax consequence of this event, unless the act is extended by congress or the President, which is doubtful.  If you meet the qualifications for this exclusion, ensure your tax preparer know

Free Tax Help for Military Personnel and Families

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that many members of the military are able to get their tax returns prepared for free on or off most military bases, including overseas locations.  The program is provided through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program which is sponsored by the IRS.  VITA provides free tax advice, return preparation, return filing, and other tax help to military members and their families.

For more information, visit the IRS website at and search for IRS Publication 3 - Armed Forces Tax Guide.


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