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At Tax Tiger, we understand that each and every tax problem that crosses through our company is as unique as the individual. The process for resolution may change depending on each individual case. It is with this knowledge that we offer help that is specific, efficient and designed to save you thousands. Since starting the company in 2002, founder and CEO Kathy Hill has kept her promise to herself, her team and her clients by providing individualized attention and ethical advice to each and every customer. With this philosophy in mind, Tax Tiger continues to aggressively stand up to the IRS and create lasting professional relationships.

Navigating the world of tax resolution is not an easy task. Specifically, understanding the role and necessity for a tax relief attorney. A tax relief attorney specializes in IRS tax dues and will work directly with the IRS to get you the best resolution possible. The amount of knowledge a tax relief attorney has at their disposal is endless, and incredibly essential in assuring you the best possible result for your tax case. In addition to the obvious reasons for needing a tax relief attorney, clients may also be in need of some protection from the IRS. IRS tax lawyers know how to prevent you from being bullied, strong-armed or completely misinformed by the IRS, and Tax Tiger will aggressively represent you.

Tax Tiger has a staff of amazing, knowledgeable, educated and experienced IRS tax attorneys who will look at a case with your unique situation in mind. More than anyone else, tax attorneys understand the ins and outs of tax dues relief and know how to avoid the common tax pitfalls and mistakes. There are over 70,000 pages of tax code in the United States alone.  This means that it is nearly impossible to have a clear understanding of an individual’s case without a person on staff who has spent an entire career becoming well versed on these codes. Tax Tiger offers only the best, most knowledgeable and up-to-date tax relief attorneys, and will work closely with you and a qualified team to assure clients receive the best possible outcome. Individualized attention, ethical practices, quality advise and only the best IRS tax lawyers are what make Tax Tiger a thriving, efficient and successful company.

Tax Tiger services the entire United States from office locations in Austin, Texas; Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota; the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego (Carlsbad), and Sacramento, California. To find out more about how Tax Tiger can help, get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling out our convenient online form.


  • A+ BBB Rating, given by our customers
  • 96% is the average savings of our clients
  • Helped thousands of customers with tax relief
  • Our team includes Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and others with special expertise in the complex, ever-changing tax law field.


  • Release of Wage Garnishments
  • Release of Bank Levies
  • Tax Reductions
  • Audit Representation
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Many other services
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