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More than anything, Tax Tiger prides itself on being an ethical tax resolution company. After decades in the industry Kathy Hill, founder and CEO, was tired of seeing fearful and stressed taxpayers dissatisfied with the work of tax resolution companies. In a complex industry it’s common to see companies take advantage of their customers and provide less than stellar service. Those who are frustrated and confused will often turn to professionals for guidance, and be led down a path that only suits their best interests.  Tax Tiger believes in aggressively representing their clients with fair, ethical and- most importantly- effective tax resolution tactics. Faith based morals and a general passion for helping people have created a company that boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau; a task rarely accomplished by other tax resolution companies.

While our professionals can deal with even the most complicated of tax situations, obtaining a federal tax lien release for our customers is a common specialty. When an individual or company fails to pay taxes, the IRS can limit their right to sell property, or harm their credit. This is known as a “tax lien” and is recorded by the IRS. The recorded information is made public, informing anyone interested in buying your property that taxes are owed. IRS tax liens also make it difficult to give the property away. Generally, a transfer of ownership (even to a family member) is not applicable with a lien on the property.  There is statute of limitations on tax liens, yet the matter can get complicated and convoluted for those simply attempting to wait it out.

What the professionals at Tax Tiger can do, is help individuals or businesses acquire a federal tax lien release.  There are several ways to go about doing this and the process is often dependent upon each individual case. Our experienced professionals can walk you through the ins and outs of what a lien means exactly, why exactly it occurred, and how to go about getting it released.  IRS tax liens can be annoying to property owners and a swift release can be accomplished with the help of Tax Tiger and its team of experts.  Through the ethical treatment of our customers we’ve helped thousands remove the headache of IRS tax liens and facilitated smooth property ownership in the future.

Tax Tiger services the entire United States from office locations in Austin, Texas; Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota; the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego (Carlsbad), and Sacramento, California. To find out more about how Tax Tiger can help, get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling out our convenient online form.


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