How We Can Help with Your IRS Tax Debt

Tax Tiger is deeply committed to helping individuals and businesses solve a wide variety of tax related IRS problems. This is our mission and our passion. After listening to you carefully and asking questions about your unique situation, we will explain your options in easy to understand terms. We will also recommend the solution we believe is in your best interest.

Tax Tiger is proud of our unparalleled track record helping our clients in the area of Offer in Compromise, a program designed to help qualifying individuals and companies substantially reduce the amount of taxes they owe to the IRS. In addition, we offer a variety of additional tax resolution services to address every situation. These include: setting up affordable payment plans that work within our clients’ budgets, preparing back tax returns, abate penalties, ensure IRS liabilities are accurate & IRS audits are done fair and accurately, research tax matters, stop wage garnishments, end bank levies, remove tax liens, and prevent property seizure.


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